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4 Useful Tips For PPC Advertising In 2014

Approach towards PPC advertising is going to change slightly in 2014. Going for a budget review and trying out something new like Remarketing Lists for Search Ads can be useful.
If you are an advertiser, you might be thinking of approaching PPC advertising in the same way as you did in 2013. But it would be advisable to into account new opportunities and optimisations that can take your PPC advertising campaign to a new level in this New Year.

These few tips and ideas can really bring about a change. They are:


•    Go for a budget review:

It is necessary to review your media budget both in terms of what had been spent during the last year and also what you can spend in the current year. Analyse, if the past year’s budget was optimised and if things worked according to the planned budget or it did not. Also analyse the month to month media budget as that would ensure than the resources are being used to reach goals and not wasted. Going under budget can be due to lack of effort while going over budget can be due to better results that brought in investment or it can be otherwise as well. So analyse these facts well.

•    Start a new campaign:

Evaluate 2013’s campaigns honestly. Depending upon their performance, you add or delete some. You can try Google AdWords RLSA which is completely new. This is being used by many advertisers currently and is still under testing stage. This combines both website and search behaviour to connect to customers at different points. You can even try Bing Ads.

•    Look back into your mobile strategy:

Analyse the performance of your mobile strategy last year. Review last year’s mobile CPCs by looking into paid search settings and make adjustments based solely on performance. Consider bid adjustments to review time and identify trends. Plan your mobile strategy for the current year and decide on the optimisation factors like whether you will focus on ad copy, conversion path, bids or all of them?

•    Plan your course of action:

Make promotional plans for the current year of 2014 and should limit promotions to discounts only. You can create a promotional calendar and offer information, e-books, free trials etc.

These were few of the ideas that can help PPC advertising in the current year of 2014. The agencies that provide PPC services in India apart from these look into other various factors before designing your campaign so that your business flourish. PPC advertising India makes sure of providing quality services to all its clients.


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