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Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing is the technique through which a company creates awareness for its products and services across the online platforms and forums. The main intention of creating such digital marketing campaigns is to attract a larger number of probable customers for the company. Companies of the recent times have come to understand that the current population is glued to different online platforms and they depend on internet top a great extent for their various daily purchases. Hence tapping these customers and buyers is a potential way through which the business volume of the company can be expanded.

One thing that remains to get decided in this context is that whether such digital marketing services should be outsourced from external professionals or an in-house team must be maintained for the task. Digital marketing service includes search engine marketing, social media marketing, online reputation management, paid services like facebook advertising, google adwords advertising via pay per click service and many more.

Let us consider the positive and the negative sides of both the propositions.

Advantage of In-house Team

·       1 - Such teams are available round the clock hence ready service can be attained from them. Time will be saved.

·       2 - They can understand the theme and the spirit of the company well.

Disadvantage of In-house Team

·        1 - You will have to maintain added extra manpower which is a highly expensive option.

·         2 - Their expertise can be limited.

·         3 - Market tricks are often lesser known.

Advantages of outsourced Team

·        1 - There is no requirement of maintaining any in house team. This happens to be a good thing for the company as there is no added headache and cost of managing a team within the company.

·         2 - Entire project or campaign will be managed by the outsourcing partner and you only have to review the results. Do not forget to share your feedback timely.

·         3 - You have access the various professionals whenever there is a requirement for any sort of service be it digital marketing or pay per click service or even any web development service.

·         4 - You pay as long as you need a service and no need to retain a team when there is nothing to be done.

·         5 - You can anytime downgrade and upgrade the required expertise in the team hence no worry at all at your side.


·         6 - You can concentrate on the core business of the company rather than maintaining a team. You need not waste any time on the task of online marketing. This saves a lot of time and energy of the management of the company.


·         7 - There are there for 24 x 7 supports.

Disadvantage of outsourced team

·         There are no disadvantage, only you have to ensure that they understand your business need properly and you can get a review done as or when needed, if they are inline your requirement and giving you the expected solution.


It can be understood that outsourcing your IT requirement is always better than hiring a team in-house and DigitalPugs would be an ideal choice for your digital marketing and web development service requirement. You can trust our professionals and their expertise and we are 100% sure to deliver you the expected results in time.

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