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Best 3 Helpful Tools To Recognize Negative SEO

Negative Search Engine Optimization can completely paralyse our business and damage a site’s revenue. It is definitely not unrealistic. But there are many ways of preventing it once you identify and defend it too once you are already a victim of one. Even if you are strongly suspicious of any such activity, go ahead and protect it immediately.
What do you mean by negative SEO?

Negative SEO is the preparation of maligning SEO techniques on different sites. Normally a SEO attack is made by a discontented competitor with a mission of reducing the target site’s rankings. It is performed mainly to disrepute the rival company by pushing negative comments.

How can you recognize and defend negative SEO?

Setting up GWT alerts

First and foremost you need to turn on the notifications of the Google Webmaster Tools Email. This might not be enough to signal the beginning of the attack but will at least keep you alert as the GWT information will be on top of the mind and you can afford to maintain a self-protective posture against the SEO intimidators. You will be alerted if Googlebot can’t get in touch with your site. Any of these notices are a possible suggestion that you’ve been assaulted. May be by that time, the damage would have already started so you need to be act smartly.

Monitor your Backlinks

To defend against SEO, vigilance is compulsory. It is recommended to create a site that will allow to wait on the peak of all the inbound links of the sites. Make it a weekly habit to verify all your backlinks through sites like Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs, Google Webmaster tools or Link Research Tools. You can also use services such as or Monitor to receive notifications and automate your approach towards negative SEO services. Majestic SEO or SEO spyglass could also be used. Once you are able to identify the negative SEO, half the battle is won and you can defend yourself from financial blows
Remove or Disavow Suspicious Backlinks

If you are monitoring negative SEO, it’s not to sit and watch the impact of it, but act upon it on an urgent basis before it gets too late. The more the links build upon, the earlier will you be penalized. The moment you spot a toxic backlink remove it by requesting exclusion. But if the removal is unsuccessful, you need to update disavow.txt you can also walk the extra mile and report the spam to Spam Report Form. Digitalpugs is a professional SEO company India. It is follow latest google guidelines for getting the good result as well.

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