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Best Tips Of 2017 For Mobile Application Development

With technology developing every day, you will find different mobile apps coming in the market which are for your entertainment, your information and knowledge and for various other things. With various mobile apps you can ease the way a mobile works and you can do a lot of thing using those mobile apps. There are various ways through which a mobile app develops and there are certain trends just like fashion which is followed or changed every year in terms of mobile app development. Similarly, there is various mobile application development trends of 2017 which you need to follow if you want more followers or subscribers for your mobile app.

Mobile Application development

Trends in mobile app development of 2017 which will bring your success

1.       Accelerated Mobile Pages: AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages created by Google helps an app to load much faster on mobile devices and hence apps that are supported by AMP will be much liked by the audiences.

2.       Artificial intelligence: With technology developing at a much faster rate you can see that artificial intelligence has taken over. With artificial intelligence, mobile apps are supposed to work better and faster with a comprehensive approach.

3.       Cloud driven mobile apps: Apps that have the option of storing data on cloud are rising. Since people have so much to store, they need more space and for that cloud storage will be a new attraction. Even this has also taken over the iPhone application development in India as well.

4.       Micro apps trending in the market: Micro apps that will be designed to do only target operations will gain much popularity as they will be much faster, more precise and perfect.

5.       Secured apps to grab the position: In this technological ear where security is important but is hampered due to various reasons, secured apps will gain much attention and will be trending more compared to apps where security is compromised.

6.       Virtual reality is a magical thing: With games like Pokemon Go and others where the virtual reality offers you something amazing. You can see that many apps are developed based on VR and it is becoming a trend.

There are various companies that are involved in mobile app development following the latest trend. If you want something recent and following the latest trends then you can contact DigitalPugs one of the best digital marketing and app Development Company in India. 

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