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How Much You Should Pay For SEO Services?

Almost all businesses invest in SEO and so it is important that the budget is decided beforehand. A common question that most marketing professional ask is ‘how much to spend on SEO?’ and it to some extent depends on the services you are looking for. To get directly to the point, you need to understand the different pricing models offered by the SEO agencies and they are:

Per Hour Consulting

This is a very popular pricing scheme and here you need to pay a fixed rate per hour to the company or consultant. The agreement regarding the services to be offered is fixed beforehand along with the estimated hours needed for the same. The payment is usually made at the end of the month.

Monthly Services

Monthly SEO Services are offer you results and are the most successful of all the schemes. The payment is fixed as per-month basis and includes a wide range of services.

Project based

Here the price is fixed based on the requirements of a specific project regardless of the hours spent on it. Usually a part payment is made before and the rest is made after getting the results.

Things that you need to consider

·         Avoid companies that offer you instant results no matter how much less they charge. They usually make use of unethical strategies and this might affect you adversely in the long run. 

·         A firm cannot promise you the number 1 spot in Google’s search engine result pages though it is great if you can achieve it.

·         Do not look for the cheapest options when shopping for SEO as quality never comes cheap. Avoid ‘unbelievable deals’ and ‘lowest priced SEO services’.

·         Make sure that the company you are hire makes use of ethical link building strategies to gain higher ranks for your website.

Things to keep in mind

SEO results are something that you would get in a day or in a week. It is something that takes time and so you need to be patient. It is best to go for monthly SEO services. Search engine algorithms are changing continuously and so your rank would also change over time and moreover, you have many competitors to compete with.

It is best to hire SEO agencies for taking care of your SEO needs. DigitalPugs is one name that you can trust as this company is well known for its result-oriented services.


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