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How Visual And Voice Search Are Revitalizing The Role Of SEO


For a host of intertwined reasons, visual search and voice search are taking the total hols both in physical and technological ways. These searches allow the users to find the ideas in more efficient and effective formats.


 The significance of Voice and Visual Search:- 

Though the component parts of the Search Engine Optimization or SEO’s successful strategy has been relatively constant, the purpose and definition of these components have changed completely. The scope of the industry has expanded as it has been driven by drives like the voice search and visual search and ultimately evolved into something that is far more dynamic. 

On a genuine needs of the consumers, this is delivered. According to some reputed platforms, 74 percent of the total number of shoppers have reported that text-only research is no more sufficient if they want the products they require. 



It is not surprising that the researches have predicted that by the year of 2021, the digital commerce revenue will be increased by 30 percent of those websites which will redesign their sites supporting voice search and visual search. The audience will be more meaningfully engaged to the marketers through visual and voice search during each stage of their journey of purchasing. This is to reject the static websites of old times and moving towards more powerful and interactive experiences which you can access anytime, anywhere on any device.  


Sensory search:- 

Search visibility still now matters but the method of rankings is not going to lose its importance any soon especially when the proliferation of the machine learning algorithms and Internet of Things devices by which the search results of the fine tune are something we focus in. The content of any brand must be relevant to the query. 

These queries are becoming more and more specific and contextual with each passing day, therefore relevance and usefulness must be combined at present. There are two trends which are underpinning these shifts and they are- voice search and visual search. For the search marketers, these are considered as different disciplines though they seem to be linked and grouped under one umbrella named ‘sensory search’. 

By implementing the best of technical practices and adapting the best SEO strategies, some people try to engage early and they represent some of the most important opportunities in the field of digital marketing for the years to come.  


Visual search:-

Google had granted the ability for many years now to upload an image URL or an image for generating a SERP or Search Engine Result Page in the search toolbar in Google Images. In the next generation, a smartphone camera is expected to turn up as a visual discovery tool. Now as a search query, this smartphone camera can be used to search a particular style or object. Sites like Google, Amazon, and Bing are utilizing this technology in the best way possible.  


Closing Thought:- 

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