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Numerous Ways To Use Internet Effectively

Nowadays, approximately a third of the world’s population uses the internet. Indeed, 75 percent of people are online before 9 a.m. however, 75 percent of users in the U.S own a laptop, 53% of people are using smart phones, and 31 percent people are using a tablet. Moreover, E-mail is the most frequent action performed by users on their tabs and laptops, whereas search is the upper action for tablet and mobile phone users. In addition, 72 percent of people willing to play games on the internet, while more than half of the people are using social networking sites on their mobile and tablets. 

Today’s, most of the people are using the internet in various ways. People love to use the internet especially for shopping. In 2010, people used up 150 billion dollars in online sales and are likely to spend 250 billion dollars in 2015. Most of the online consumers are using social media networks like face book, twitter, etc. everyday day lot of people using internet in mobile phones to chat with friends, messaging, etc.  

In the future people undoubtedly, use the internet even more often to complete an increasing number of tasks.  

Internet Approval

The users of internet are not the only aspect to notice the improvement in speed of light. As in 1993, there were only 13 websites on internet, now it has increased to 226 million active domain names, 634 million sites. Therefore, Google search has provided an upsurge in traffic in the year 1998 which is an official year for Google’s where search engine received 3.6 million queries. Now days, the search giant is incompatible based on its previous 1.2 trillion search requests in the year 2012

Hence, the internet turned as a reliable means of immediate communication. This can be clarified in an email as it is provided in the year 1971, where email usage had skyrocketed to 297 billion emails sent in 2012. Here, social networking also reached its popularity, in 2002, Friendster social network is an earlier one which reached 3 million users in three months. At the time of 2009, 74 million people utilized Facebook and Myspace with 200 million users. 

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