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Optimizing Videos For Search Engines

Even though YouTube is not the only option that is available for the video distribution, it cannot be denied that if at all YouTube was the search engine, it would probably be the second one after Google. This is mainly because most of the people make use of YouTube for the sake of checking and uploading of the videos. Considering the present competition, the ranking for the videos on YouTube could be considered a bonus.

Below is the checklist that needs to be followed for the sake of optimizing the videos on YouTube.

•    Title text – About 99 characters can be used for the sake of optimizing the title text. Hence, it is essential to consider the target keywords and also any other keywords that is required for the ranking. However, you should never forget to include the descriptive text and the branding.

•    Description – About 5000 characters will be available. Hence, make good use of the space so that maximum information can be included about the video. As the user ratings as well as the views play a key role in getting the search rankings, request people to rank the video and also make sure that you share and embed the video.
•    Tagging – Beneficial for the search terms that you use in the description and the title text that includes the branding and the names.

•    The sharing and the broadcasting options – Most of the marketers tend to set the videos private. So on the date of launch make sure to set the same to public. It is completely up to you if you want to enable the comments. The thing to consider here is that if at all you are disabling the comments, the users would go to any other page and talk about brand or video. Make sure to set the video responses as they will help in boosting the views as they will be automatically linked. Make sure to set the ratings as ‘Yes’ as they would have a direct impact on the rankings. Syndication needs to be enabled as they will help in boosting the views and this will help the video to get good ranking.

The best thing that can be done these days is to post the videos on the Facebook channel through which search engine will definitely be optimized. Make sure to motivate others to share such video on the various social platforms so that many people view the same.

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