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Prepare Yourself For The Latest Google Mobile Algorithm Update

The official response for the much awaited response about the mobile algorithm search feature from Google was finally announced. Google had remained tight lipped about the inclusion and added feature of the mobile algorithm when they decided that it was time to reward those websites which were mobile friendly.

What Google is doing is this:

•    Ensure mobile compatibility for all websites
•    Reward those websites which had made mobile friendly websites by awarding them with higher rankings in search results.

The facts about the Google mobile friendly algorithm update are as follows:

1.    There are 6 billion people who have access to mobile phones in this world.

2.    1.08 billion among these people are using smartphones.

3.    Mobile usage accounts for 60% of time spent online.

4.    80% people use mobile for searching.

5.    50% of local searches are carried out on mobile devices.

6.    1/3rd of 700 million users on Facebook use Facebook Mobile.

7.    Out of 175 Million users on Twitter, half are active through Twitter Mobile.

8.    57% of users say they will not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site.

9.    A second delay in page response can result in 7% reduction in conversions.

10.    90% of consumers move between devices to complete a task.

With these staggering stats about the mobile phone and smartphones this change from Google was inevitable and many other search engines will follow Google’s steps too. The most important aspect of this change is as follows:

•    The already existing mobile friendly websites will only get better
•    The websites which previously did not have any mobile websites will now build these and make these changes.

The importance of this change can be measured as follows:

1.    Ranking – The average ranking of mobile friendly websites is 33% more than that of normal websites.

2.    Mobile traffic – Mobile traffic will increase by the minute, but no delay should be experienced as these websites will only get better.

Conclusion – Mobile websites will now have an extra incentive to work well and work fast. Gone are the days when most mobile websites would hang or buffer and would not fit the viewport of your screen. Access to these websites will lessen too as the Google ranking system will solve this problem. The main initiative now must be taken by the smartphone users and those providing the websites to achieve a balance in form.

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