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Quick And Easy Steps To Create A Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook is undoubtedly considered the best medium for advertisement especially for the small businesses. There is no risky investment required as you need not spend a lot of money and time on this. The companies can start with targeted ad campaign by displaying the business content to the various users of the Facebook. Creating a Facebook Ad campaign is considered easy and the below mentioned steps need to be followed for doing the same.

•    Log in onto the personal Facebook account –
First of all you need to log in into the Facebook and here you get a page to advertise on Facebook. Make sure to click on create an Ad in dropdown menu right next to home button. This is the best way to advertise for the businesses.

•    Think on what can you advertise – You can refer the users to a certain website, like a company blog. You could also choose the direct users to the company Facebook page or could also promote the other page that Facebook has created like places or events.

•    Pick a particular advertising goal – Once the above step has been done, it is essential that you build a social media presence making sure by driving fans to the Facebook page and then select the Get more likes option. If at all you need to promote a specific content on the Facebook like the blog post, make sure to choose on the Promote Page Posts. If at all you would want to get traffic to the website, make sure to click on the See Advanced Options. All such options can be experimented considering your preference.

•    Designing of the ad –
You can use 25 characters of headline and 90 characters of description and also a thumbnail photograph. Normally Facebook suggests these options, however, it is ideal that you rewrite the same for the specific audience.

    Targeting the ad – You can certainly narrow the audience for the ad by choosing a specific target audience. You can also target considering the location and this can be done on the basis of the relevant zip codes. Also classification can be done on the basis of the interests and the gender. Considering the advanced options you can choose among the languages spoken, relationship status and such other options.

•    Setting of the name, schedule and the pricing – The next step would mainly be featured with naming the campaign, setting of the schedule and the budget. The name needs to be different. Decide on your budget and let the Facebook know how much would you be willing to pay on a daily basis. Setting of the ads can be done for a specific time and date. Later you will have to pay for the ad through any of the options such as PayPal, direct debit, credit card or with the help of Facebook Ad coupon.

•    Monitoring of the campaign and generating of the report –
Once the campaign is running, it is essential to know the progress of the same and this can be done easily with the help of Ads Manager tool. This would display the overall information on the campaigns, the budget, spending and the schedule. Reports can be generated with the help of reports tab, which is on the ads manager.


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