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The Battle Of Startups – Android Vs. Apple IOS

The Battle Of Startups – Android Vs. Apple IOS

When we think about smartphones, there always exists a debate between which one is best. Is it the apple IOS or is the android operating system? But this is debate is not only limited to smartphones rather it is spread over several platforms. One of those platforms is the sector of startups. It has been argued since the past few years that which platform is the best when it comes to the development of new apps. This debate has been raging on for the past five years but no final conclusion is in sight.

There are various factors which affect the choice of any platform when it comes to developing any particular application. These factors tip the scales in either apple’s or android’s favor in various cases. Like when we compare a large established company which has a greater audience with multiple resources to a small startup which are in its early stages, the requirements of the developing platform vary greatly. Due to the extensive differences across various scenarios, this debate between android and Apple IOS needs to be solved a bit differently. Some of the measures which can solve this problem are –

Demographics - Android has the largest market share in the world currently. It also has a significant presence in the developing nations as well as low income groups. Android development services India are very easily available and diverse in nature. In comparison, iOS users belong to the higher income group mainly. People having higher education, better income and belong to the upper strata of the society generally use apple IOS. Though this does not mean that it is better in any sense but it signifies that there is a greater market for android apps as compared to apple.

Revenue – The various revenue models which are used by android as well as apple IOS are mainly dependent by the vision mission used by Apple and Google. Android promotes large number of application which is ad-supported whereaswhen it comes to using IOS applications, paying for the various apps is a common feature. There is lot data from various sources of iphone application development in India, which indicates that the model followed by apple generates a lot more revenue.

Features–Due to the fact that Android is an open source operating system, a large number of "mods" of the operating system of Android is present such as the like Paranoid Android and also CyanogenMod. These features give app developers much more access to operating system and customize it according to individual choice and preferences. Also android apps can run extensively on various difficult platforms and hardware.

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