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India as a nation is really emerging as one of the technological powers of the world. Amongst its various other technology driven industries, the industry of mobile game development in India is witnessing a huge influx. As per the records of the Forrester Research Company India has the third fastest growing market for mobile games and apps in the world. The company has further predicted an amount of $5.6 billion revenue that expected to be generated as a revenue amount by the year 2016. In the last year the industry saw a growth of 22.6%. The industry was a whopping development of 9000 app development companies in the nation.


Reasons for this huge growth:

Experts and researchers have investigated into this unprecedented growth of the game development industry in India and have come up with the following reasons that can be cited as the possible catalysts which are resulting into the growth of the mobile game developers in India.

  •        India has received a huge amount of foreign money from the western SMEs who has taken advantage of the availability of the    cheap manpower and labour that is present in India as compared to the high priced labour of London and Silicon Valley.
  •       The hourly rates in India are as meagre as $20 when for the same kind of work the companies needs to pay at least $50 to $100 to the  labour or the manpower in USA.
  •        The Indian manpower is fast gaining experience in terms of working with the western partners. As a result of the same their working relations and conditions with the western countries have become all the more smooth and hiccup free in the current times.

Statistics of Indian gaming Industry:

A typical mobile game takes nearly two years to get developed and often incurs a production budget of $ 4 o 10 million. The industry and its players are under a constant pressure of increasing the time and revenue to develop games. Hence outsourcing options are ardently searched for. This is the space into which steps in the companies of gaming application development from India who has a world class quality and experience of developing such games and apps. The Indian market has several game development companies who are dedicated to this industry of wireless gaming apps. Some of the leading companies are contracted by the western SMEs as solution providers for their game development operations.


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