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Tips For Boosting SEO In YouTube

Undoubtedly YouTube has got a lot of potential due to heavy traffic, but the only disadvantage is that it is a crowded place, demanding a lot of competition amongst each other to access visibility and be remembered for future viewing. So how does one get people to watch your video?

The video descriptions should be long

The text that revolved around your video is very important and hence should be detailed enough for viewers to understand. Very simply, the more YouTube is acquainted with your video, the better can it rank it for your target keyword? A long description hence is a sure shot way of the SEO strategy in YouTube. So to conclude any video description should be 200 words.

The video keywords should be optimally made use of

It’s good to get a higher rank in YouTube, but Google is definitely better as it gives an intrinsic edge in the SERPs which is true for particular keywords. These video keywords have video results on the first page of Google. So the bottom-line is that before zeroing down on your keyword video, check if there are video results on the first page. If in the affirmation, consider it strongly as your video has the potentiality to be video ranked in either Google or YouTube.

Garner video views from online communities

There are some online communities like LinkedIn and Quora are great places to attract traffic from. But be careful as most communities don’t want to link their content with others   but could be open to sharing YouTube videos with common interests. Since the SEO ranking of your video will depend upon quantity and quality both, these views from these communities do matter in the long run. Hence sharing your video liberally with the related online communities will help you to be ranked higher with top quality and high retention views.

Persuade linking and subscribing

YouTube puts a lot of stress on user experience signals rather than back links and therefore if your videos are enjoyed, optimise it to the maximum in the search. YouTube uses subscribing and linking a lot as two important user experience signals. You can be assured of having created a killer video if it gets subscribed. So ask viewers to comment and subscribe at the end of every video.

Generate playlists which are keyword-rich

Another easy way of attracting traffic to your video would be to organize them in separate playlists. You get deeper information when your YouTube video has a keyword rich playlist. So if you have 20 videos in the channel arrange them in tightly themed playlists.

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