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Tips For Develop A User Friendly Web Application

If compared, web applications design is more of a grueling task than that of websites. Web applications demand designers to comprehend the user behavior and accordingly craft an experience for users which is easy to relate and understand.

DigitalPugs Media provides web application development services in all over the world under most experienced expert developer. When designing a user-friendly web application, these are some of the basic points that one must look into before proceeding:

Better Tooltip

When doling out your web application, you would not wish for fantastic graphic design ruination by the forceful insertion of words here and there to keep your user to catch on users. Here comes the function of a tooltip, which enables the user’s ability them learn on a new system by browsing through icons sans harming the experience. Tooltips on the icons is great deal effective. When it comes to cell phone displays, you can utilize the button that toggles the tooltip on and off. The first tap would bring about the display of tooltip whereas the second tap would submit the action.


Dole out various options of execution

No matter what app you build up, you need to get acquainted with the behavior of the user besides doling out various routes to the end aim. You must also remember to offer a fast method to add task for your user without having to fill in extra information properties. Providing several routes to reach the same goal helps your application to get better for users, ensuring that they get things done accordingly and with much ease.

Craft good modals

There is nothing more annoying than popping modals screaming for attention. Known as the modern way of responding to popup windows, modals are sometimes used unnecessarily. Modals are no doubt the best way to grab user’s attention, but make sure you use them wisely and not on every turn thus making it look ‘overused’.  Give your users the authority to dismiss the modals easily by pressing on the cancel button or the “X’ button at the topmost right corner.  One more tip that is never to be forgotten is the option to click on the outside portion of the modal in the background that is faded which you must definitely provide. Use the modals only when you need them urgently. We are providing good web development services for wordpress development services, ecommerce web development, & you can also request custom web development services at affordable rates.

Good status

‘Loading’ and Please Wait are some of the common messages you will often come across at the topmost portion of the page. They seldom add any user experience of the page but are known to inform the users of the page being busy and or doing a particular work. The problem occurs when the message is written in an insignificant size, thus making it more of a frustrating job to the users who think it’s the issue with the page. So, if the message is important then it should be displayed at the center part of the page with a bright bold letters, thus making it user friendly.

Applications must always be user friendly, thus allowing a lot more people to connect and relate. These were some of the important tips on how to craft a user friendly web application. best web application development India contact at DigitalPugs Media

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