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 Nowadays it is not enough to just build a website that it is well-presented, user-friendly and provides the best of services to the customers or those visiting the website. Those who would want their website to be one of the most popular in the world should check this guide to understand how you can build a Search Engine Optimization website making it available in the first few results of any particular search engine. The tips below should help you get started:

1.    It is essential to have keywords – You must first determine what kind of audience you are targeting. Whether national, local, or international, it is important to choose keywords on this basis, hence it is essential for you to plan first and then decide what keywords you would like to use. Create a list of keywords, then choose the best ones and track them on a keyword research tool. After getting the results, choose the best and then submit the ones you have chosen.

2.    How to choose your keyword placement - To make your website Search Engine Optimization friendly it is important that you place your keywords carefully and also important that you plan out your placement. You may overdo it, but that is not advisable. Carefully choose your title tag and the meta description and the keywords. It is also important to have website slogans, navigation, breadcrumb trails, etc.
3.    Navigation of Search friendly engine – A major reason search engines cannot find the website is because of the links being images instead of words. You should always keep your links text-based, like words, sentences, etc.

4.    Filenames and URL’s – Having common words for your filenames and URL’s can help your website become more Search Engine Optimization friendly and they will also help people find your website easily. The images too should be text-based and not number based, as number based images are naturally more difficult to find.

5.    Social Media Exposure – By uploading pages of your website on different social media pages, you can find more exposure as social media includes a large circle of people and not so random people.
SEO friendly Website
Conclusion – To truly make your website Search Engine Optimization friendly, you must follow these guidelines for a start and also incorporate the them. Search Engine Optimization friendly websites have always made it big in the world of the virtual.

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