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Useful Web Development Tools Needed For A Powerful Online Presence

Useful web development tools needed for a powerful online presence

Having a website does not ensure a powerful online presence though it is the prerequisite for the same. There are various web development tools that are used to ensure a strong online presence and these are used by the web developers to debug and test their code. These tools do not directly help in creating web pages and are used for testing user facing interface of web applications or a website.

The World Wide Web is growing exponentially and is getting complex day by day. There are many web development tools that have made web development easy and here we deal with the latest five web development tools:

CSS Pre-processors

CSS is easy to write and the syntax is easy to understand. However, it is not easy to deal with multiple stylesheets and this happens when your project becomes larger. This is where CSS Pre-processors comes handy. It is a tool that lets you write future proof and maintainable codes so the amount of CSS that needs to be written is reduced. There are different types of CSS pre-processor like Sass, Myth etc.

Template Engine

Creating a static HTML page is something that is quite easy. However, if things might get out of your hand if you have to handle several HTML pages under one project. Almost same components are shared by all the pages like Footer, Sidebar etc. What if you change the footer of one page? Should change the footer of all other pages one by one? It is better to use Template Engine instead.


If you are looking for niche market as far as themes and templates are concerned, then Girdgum is what you should opt for. Themes are attractive and responsive and the best thing about this web development tool is the fact that is appealing from the point of view of both buyers and sellers.

Expression Engine

This is a content management tool that lets you display your content anywhere of your choice as it is separated from the design.

Icon Maker

This allows you to design innumerable icons within seconds that blends with the theme of your website. You can also choose from their icon gallery and customize it as per your needs.

There are numerous such web development tools and developers can take full advantage of these to create websites. If you are looking for experienced web developers, DigitalPugs is one name that you can trust.

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