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When Migrating From HTTP To HTTPS, Google Says To Use 301 Redirects

Keeping in mind the benefits regarding the performance that we get from HTTP, we should think about moving our website to HTTPS now. It also provides additional advantages of SEO and security. Google is also pushing the sites for HTTPS hard to make the web a safer place. 

Why Should You Redirect HTTP to HTTPS?

 As we all know, Google is really pushing hard for HTTPS at every place to make the web a safer and secured place. Additional to making the web more secure, there are some more incredible advantages which you must consider for moving HTTP to HTTPS.

 Why use 301 redirects:-

 Recently, a reputed analyst of the Google trends, namely John Mueller, recommended strongly that those people who migrate from HTTP to HTTPS with 301 are redirected on the basis of per-URL. According to him, it is better not to use any other type of redirects like 303s or others, it is better to stick to 301 redirects while doing thee migrations. Back in the month of August in the year of 2014 since Google has announced the ranking boost of HTTPS, many websites have published tips about the migration of the sites and plans about HTTPS migration.

Can 303 status code be used after moving from HTTP to HTTPS or only 301 is recommended?

For the HTTP migrations, lean 301 redirects are strongly recommended from on the basis of per URL. You can obviously use other types of the redirects but 30 redirect is undoubtedly something to look out for. It becomes more easy and trusted that moving from HTTP to HTTPS of the website is one of a kind when it is recognised that all of the old URLs have already moved to the new website, the migration from HTTP to HTTPs is really clean, that not a single thing is going to be removed, that the pages are not being disallowed by indexing or robots.txt on HTTPs. So you should not think about any other redirects for moving the HTTP to HTTPs.

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