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One of the common ways to promote a product is to create content about it. Online businesses have realized the importance of providing information about products and that is why they are taking the content writing services for their online promotion, quite seriously.

As an expert content writing service provider from india, we create quality content to make sure that when people search for similar products or services, these content articles appear on the search engines. The content is streamlined with the use of specific keywords that are mostly used while searching for a product similar to the one you are producing.

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What is Content Writing Service

When a product is launched, people are eager to know more about it. The product details and specifications are available on the product website but the benefits of using it and the various functionalities that the product has is something that is not there on the website. For this reason, it is a good idea to invest some time in creating articles and blogs that are linked to the main website.

The content should be based on specific ideas. Content writing experts in India and across the globe use traffic oriented keywords that help in making these articles and blogs appear on the search lists. The keywords are picked after careful analysis and they are words that are commonly used by people. If you are promoting shoes of various kinds, then your content should have keywords like 'shoes', 'heels', 'pumps', 'boots' and 'sports shoes' in the content.

Our writers research the keywords that are suited for different products and use them conservatively. Too much use of keywords can spam the content and they will not appear on the search lists.

Technical Content Writing Company

Technical Content Writing Company

There are online businesses, deals with machines, electronic goods, gadgets, ecommerce stores and products that require technical writing for specifications and features, and that is when technical content writing is required. Technical content writing in India and other countries saw a major high when people started to sell and advertise goods that required proper instructions to operate them.

But technical writing is more streamlined than content writing as this type of content requires writing patterns that talk about instructions. So the language is formal and there is no fluff in it. Technical writing is not dependant on keywords and many companies want the content to make sure the user knows what to do with the product and how to use it.


DigitalPugs has a set of technical ecommerce writers who excel in content and technical writing. We take care of the SEO as well and that makes us a company that provides technical writing and SEO content writing in India and to various parts of the world.

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