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When migrating from HTTP to HTTPS, Google says to use 301 redirects

Keeping in mind the benefits regarding the performance that we get from HTTP, we should think about moving our website to HTTPS now. It also provides additional advantages of SEO and security. Google is also pushing the sites for HTTPS hard to make the web a safer place.  Why Should You Redi...

Sep 06, 2018
Digital Marketing News
7 Ways To Optimize Your Wordpress Website

If you are a budding entrepreneur, you might be in search of a platform which can help you in expanding your visibility to a wider pool of customers. When it comes to the brand visibility, words can leave a longlasting impression and this is why most of the businesses have a strong presenc...

May 29, 2018
Web Development
5 Tips To Select The Best Digital Marketing Agency For Your Business

As the audience is getting used to the social media, companies are preferring the digital marketing channel for reaching out to the customers. It has become easier for the brands to engage their customers on social media platforms by sharing their set of beliefs. To ensure that your brand reaches to...

How To Improve Your Business With E-commerce Website?

How many of you prefer an e-commerce platform over the retails shops in the market to make a purchase? With the advancement in the technology, E-commerce Website has emerged as the primary choice of the customers. This is the reason why many businesses and organizations rely on the e-commerce websit...

Apr 30, 2018
Web Development
Hire a Dedicated SEO:Ensuring Your Online Business Growth|DigitalPugs

In the digital era, with all the advancement in the technology, it has become important for any company to grow both online and offline. There is a lot of competition for the top organic search in the companies. Every business and company want to be in the top position in Google search but it is not...

How to Maintain Your SEO Keyword Ranking after Reaching the Top Spot?

Search engine optimization is the technology or the practice or even a technical phenomenon that is used to provide greater visibility to the websites of different companies. This is a technical algorithm where certain formulas are used and applied to which whenever a person will type the keywords i...

Radha Gautam
Apr 04, 2018
Search Engine Optimization
Why the Outsourcing Web Development Industry is Booming in 2018

‘Web Development India’ – This may sound like an industry that is taken straight up from silicon valley, but apparently, is an industry that is set to take over the country during the next 10 months. Web development services in India have seen a recent surge, thanks to every organi...

Radha Gautam
Mar 16, 2018
Web Development
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