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Digital Marketing

How Visual and Voice Search are revitalizing the Role of SEO

  For a host of intertwined reasons, visual search and voice search are taking the total hols both in physical and technological ways. These searches allow the users to find the ideas in more efficient and effective formats.    The significance of Voice and Visual Search:-&nb...

Feb 12, 2020
Digital Marketing
Advantages of Hiring Best Digital Marketing Agency in India

When it comes to hiring an internet based advertising agency, then you need to know the benefits. Not only will they be able to help you with all of your needs, such as social media advertising and more, but they can take over the entire project for you to get your business where you want to go....

Feb 03, 2020
Digital Marketing
5 Tips To Select The Best Digital Marketing Agency For Your Business

As the audience is getting used to the social media, companies are preferring the digital marketing channel for reaching out to the customers. It has become easier for the brands to engage their customers on social media platforms by sharing their set of beliefs. To ensure that your brand reaches to...

Setting Up Your Website with SEO Marketing

This is extremely important because these days everyone is always online and it is one of the best ways to get your marketing done and it is simple and inexpensive. Make sure that you get the help of some of the best experts in your area to ensure that everything is being done correctly and that you...

Sachin Agrwal
Nov 17, 2015
Digital Marketing
Why Are Many People Embracing SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO can be best defined as activities that aim at increasing website traffic and referral hits from the search engines. The digital and internet landscape has changed dramatically over the years. However, there is something that has not changed and that is SEO. It still...

Sachin Agarwal
Sep 04, 2015
Digital Marketing
Six Steps to an Optimized and Digital Marketing Content Workflow

Digital marketing is becoming one of the best ways to market any company because everyone is online these days, which means marketing must adjust to the user instead of the other way around. To be successful in digital marketing one must use a different, yet integrated approach that involves interac...

Ram Rajput
May 16, 2015
Digital Marketing
Outnumber the reach of your competitors with DigitalPugs digital marketing techs

Outnumber the reach of your competitors with DigitalPugs digital marketing techs In the era of the internet, digital marketing is a rising trend. Gone are the days when salesmen came knocking on your doors to sell their products and services. Digital marketing is a powerful tool of the 21st centu...

Apr 28, 2014
Digital Marketing
Your Online Brand Reputation and Tackling Negative Publicity

Online reputation is very necessary for a successful business. This has seeked a lot of attention and presently it has managed to grab a lot of attention and create a big gossip in the corporate world. Gradually all the major brands are mostly getting tilted towards online reputation management and ...

Apr 15, 2014
Digital Marketing
Top Strategies to Follow in 2014 for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the new buzzword in modern day business. Digital Marketing in India is growing phenomenally. If you have to reach out to the masses you have to take resort in digital marketing strategies to achieve your marketing goals. Therefore it is absolutely a must to understand and follow...

Jan 02, 2014
Digital Marketing
Latest Trends in Digital Marketers and Data Geeks

Nowadays, technology is changing the way in which users are searching and interacting with technology. According to Bing Ads Evangelist, John Gagnon has shares few specific patterns, techniques and strategies which can assist people to understand large data to make more impertinent marketing decisio...

Nov 18, 2013
Digital Marketing
IBM Instigates Digital Marketing network For Vendors

The digitized language may seem like alien-language to you but IBM has made its appearance much clearer through its newly launched Digital marketing Network to provide clients effortless incorporation between above 100 ad tech dealers. The network permits corporations to carve up investigative data ...

Sachin Agrawal
Sep 17, 2013
Digital Marketing
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