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As contrary to what most people believe, mobile applications are not just for making your life comfortable and for playing games. Mobile applications are expanding to other horizons as well and are turning to be beneficial to the society as well. And the biggest help has been that today, healthcare professionals and consultants are able to offer care and advice remotely. This particular industry is expected to grow at a huge rate in the coming years and is expected to cross the 25 million mark by the year 2016.

At DigitalPugs, we offer you efficient solutions as our in-house developers develop apps by integrating back-end systems, ERM data and schedules and other important things hereby allowing healthcare professionals to access data and records anytime and anywhere.

Consumer and Retail

Online shopping and mobile ecommerce have become very common these days and there are mobile apps that improve your brand awareness by reforming the ways consumers shop through their smartphones and tablets. Consumer and Retail apps developed by us can improve your sales and profit and also allows you to stay connected to all your consumers even they are not in your store.

Financial Service

Financial apps go a long in improving the ease and efficiency of how a business is done, no matter what company you have. Be it stock management or personal banking, all these can be done safely and securely from the smartphones and tablets and even few mobile devices. All the financial apps developed by us are secured and highly functional. We have experienced and qualified developers who design efficient financial solutions for all types of business.

Service Sector

There is not a single branch in the service sector like legal assistance and field sales. However, all these have a common goal and that is consumer benefit. The primary aim of our developers while developing an app for the service sector is to improve the efficiency of the market. Be it attending meetings, editing documents, giving presentations, our mobile apps would let be access client records and information securely, so that you are always prepared.

Travel and Tourism

Mobile apps have varied uses for the travel industry as well. Mobile apps can be used to increase the tourism for a place and also be used to increase business for related industries like taxi firms, restaurants, hotels and clubs as well.

Our highly dedicated team has developers who have vast knowledge about travel and tourism app and can develop innovative and functional apps that are loaded with features for the same.


Our developers develop education apps as well that help in improving the results and efficiency inside the classroom by encouraging creativity. These apps can develop a perfect ambience for learning and would help in better communication of the students and the teachers as well.

Industry and Enterprise

Our experienced developers offer you efficient Mobile enterprise solutions. Our apps are such that employees will enjoy the benefit of accessing and managing their emails, documents, projects and everything else irrespective of the time and location, thereby allowing your company to maximize efficiency and employee flexibilities.


Smartphones and tablets are more than just a talking and messaging device. We have highly skilled developers who develop apps for various platforms starting from Blackberry and android to windows and iOS. Some of the apps we develop are:

  • Speech translator
  • Alarm clock application
  • Calendar and appointment
  • Virus protection and mobile security
  • Processor analysis
  • Task manager
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