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6 Best SEO Method To Forget In 2015

SEO or search engine optimization has passed through a very bumpy year in 2014. Hence it is right time to focus on those points which has proved to be wrong to lead an industry and simultaneously to stay out of those policies. Consequently here you are being advised with few such policies which you must avoid to lead life happily if you are engaged with digital media in 2015.

a)    Manual submission of search engine:

For upliftment of SEO service in India or any other part of the world, you need to remember that modern search engines for instance Google or Bing does not demand manual submission. Search engine optimizations are equipped with robotics which will lend a hand of support to the web to index all the internet site pages which automatically assist to get indexed your new released page within a few days.

b)    Lean content:

SEO methodology service in India or other part of world was supposed to follow incorporating keywords in a blog whether it is understandable or not. But in present scenario things have been changed as new content have to be tranquiled carefully as well as significantly.

c)    Post submission:

SEO business facilitates you to build up short articles for shake of you. These articles consist of links which point back to your site and this procedure will theoretically assist you to stay on high rank. But you should remember that this process was winner until Google’s Panda algorithm update came into context.

d)    You need to focus on quantity rather than quality:

Though incorporation of variety of backlinks has gain approval as the best activity in the SEO industry but never forget to remember that it may have great impact on destroying the company online. Inspite knowing the fact that quality has the capability to overrule quantity most of the companies engage themselves in integrating as much as possible links to their site which must be regarded as the poorest mistakes in which they get involved.

e)    Utilization of duplicate content:

Companies who consist of more than one site have the tendency of recycling their data. This procedure should be considered as one of the dangerous approach in the SEO industry and henceforth you must stay out of this duplication.

f)    Overloading of anchor text:

Selection of anchor text is a vital part. The thing which you should remember on this context that considering the present circumstance you will not be able to place the keyword as your anchor text. Consequently the situation demands combination of link text otherwise you may bear penalty. Fortunately with the assistance of Google keyword planner you can overcome this situation.

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