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How To Use PPC Data To Guide SEO Strategy In A '(Not Provided)' World

Pay Per Click data can really be useful in SEO if used properly. This article here tells you the ways PPC data can actually guide SEO, so that the firm earns profit.

First and foremost, it is important to identify the PPC pages that are performing the best. If you are using Google Analytics, go to Acquisition from the Dashboard, then to Adwords and finally to Destination URLs. By doing this, you will be able to analyse which pages are performing the best. Select the first 100 pages that are doing the best. Revenue can be a good indicator.

Next, use Google Webmaster Ranking Tool. For access this for keyword association, you will need to go to Search Engine Optimization instead of Adwords as you did before. Then click on Queries. The largest range of data needs to be specified. After specifying it, download the report. After than use VLOOKUP to bring this data into the spreadsheet that contains the combination of the PPC landing page which is on the top and keywords.

Next step should be forming a useful strategy. Your prime strategy should be such that the Pay per click landing page and organic page should be same. If we assume that the organic page is a good converter, it would only mean that there is an increase in the number of links and also social sharing, if you send PPC traffic to the organic pages. Else, you can also include only the first page rankings. This can be done by filtration of  the Average Rank column.  This would also help you to indentify other drawbacks. Accordingly, decide on the points that can bring in traffic and the ways to go ahead of your competitors.

These are the steps for using PPC data profitably.

It should be kept in mind that Bing is a search engine that does not use secure search. This means you can still check what people are actually searching for to get to our pages.

You have access to the top 2000 queries in Google. The search query data and report given by Google, therefore does not provide all the information.

Obviously, maintaining page level tracking is of utmost importance. The SEO professionals need form proper strategies by using tools to understand how their pages are performing.

Google has announced for an increase in data. Now it is for 90 days which will go up to a year. This step can be immensely helpful.

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