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The Best Tools And Apps To Help You Design Your Website

When it comes to Web design, the tools you use play an integral part in your results. Of course, those who are big fans of getting down to the basics, like putting pencil to paper, but sometimes finding new apps and resources can help you get those creative juices flowing.


Niice - Niice essentially operates as a design search engine, pulling in results from Behance, Dribbble and Designspiration. If you’re in need of inspiration, head here and you won’t be disappointed. Example: Try this search for black and white script lettering.

Pixel Dropr - Pixel Dropr is a Photoshop plugin created by UI Parade which allows designers to create collections of icons, illustrations, photos, buttons and other elements that can be dragged and dropped to any PSD file. Read more about it here.

Designer News - If you’re a Hacker News reader, you already know how Designer News works. It’s like the developer and startup scene-focused service, but instead emphasizes discussions on design and emerging tools that make the design process easier.

Firefox’s Font Inspector - Firefox has added a new typography-centric tool called the “Font Inspector” to its DevTools, available now in the browser’s Nightly Build. Learn more about it here.

Cloud Comp - Cloud Comp is a lightweight tool powered by Cloud App which lets designers share app and website mockups with clients. - Sidebar is a site which simply provides five of “the best design links, every day.”

BLOKK - BLOKK is a font made up of dashes (almost like what you’d find in a cartoon newspaper) for quick mock-ups and wireframing, and it’s awesome.

What’s My Browser Size - This Web app is a simplistic as it sounds. It shows you the current size of your browser window, adjusting accordingly as you resize it. If, for example, you’re playing with media queries, this tool could come in handy.

Intuitive Color Picker - One of the best color-picker tools. On load, the entire window fills with a single color. Move your mouse left and right to adjust the hue, move it up and down to adjust the lightness and scroll to change the saturation. You should also try 0 to 255 and Colllor.

Timehub - Timehub is a service which lets programmers generate invoices from their GitHub repositories. Yes, developers can now track the time they spend on projects without ever leaving GitHub.

Conclusion – It is not only important to choose the right firm for developing your company, but if you are a perfectionist and like to take things into your own hands, then these web designing apps and tools will give you a great head start into making your website look more attractive and stylish.

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