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The Importance Of Authorship

For a content creator on the Internet two things are most important, prevention of plagiarism, and maximisation of marketing. It is imperative to be recognisable to the people and be able to link them to more of your work.

Google Authorship is a major improvement over the current search engine mechanism. When you search for any term the search results are always links to articles posted by experts in that field. Unfortunately, as a user, you can't tell which article is written by who in a single glance. Google Authorship offers writers the option to add their photos or 'rich snippets' to every article they write giving them much greater exposure than ever before. Here is a sample search for the sentence 'start a blog'.

Here, those results with the author photograph and name are the ones which have verified authors through Google's Authorship mechanism.

Along with this you can see that, the first result is of Google's own Blogger but while the second result is also a guide to starting a blog the third result is more attractive to the eye. This is, by far, the biggest advantage of Google Authorship. It presents the results of users, who have been verified through Google+, along with their photographs and allows them to link their own blogs on each post.  In the paper 'Perception and Understanding of Social Annotations in Web Search' it has been seen that since the implementation of Authorship, the link are a lot more likely to be clicked.

Google Authorship is just one of the tools available to increase exposure and improve the visibility of any content through their search engine. It is possible to improve viewership by ensuring that the article is attractive, not only to humans but also to Google's search algorithm. SEO is an effective way to improve page views. SEO is Search Engine Optimization and helps improve an article by making it easier to search for by using keywords.
DigitalPugs’ SEO services give creators the best possible permutation of words to make the article get more hits or views. Keywords are essential to make content more visible as they help a page appear higher on the search results page.

SEO and Authorship both are immensely important tools to help authors reach a larger audience. They change the way content is delivered to the people and make it much easier to market your things on the internet.


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