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The Responsive Design Approach

 Responsive Design is the new name of the game. This is the kind of technology that keeps websites limited only to a certain platform to provide a better experience and a better service that helps the people using the website.

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The best ways to help you design and make you more efficient is given below:

1.    Plan – Planning is the most important priority as it helps you to seek out what you want on paper and help you understand the reason you need to make a particular design. Once you have jotted down points, you will have no difficulty in implementing them.

2.    Using Prototyping Software – The Adobe Edge Reflow will help you set your design, edit, recreate and many such other things which will help you design a better website. To refine your design you can copy he file in Adobe Dreamweaver which is one of the best for your file and also one of the best for your project.

3.    Make the Mobile Site First – You should always begin with the mobile site which will help you get better at the sites that you have to design for desktops and tablets. This also helps in setting your logo and your crest right. If the logo can be read on the mobile site or the mobile app then it can also be read on the tablet and the desktop which means you have done a good job. So give yourself a pat on the back if you have designed a mobile site that is user-friendly and easy to use.

4.    Navigation Worries – No user would like to access a mobile site that is too complicated and does not perform the intended functions. It is important to have a mobile site that keeps the regular navigation menu easy and also does not complicate the process of revising and navigation and menu drop-downs. It is also important to have drop-downs that keep your customer focused and your clients happy.

5.    Building Style – Style is always important when presenting. You would not want to add too much to the site and you also would not want to leave your site bare and boring. It is important to have colourful dropdowns and helpful pop-ups, but if they become a menace to your mobile site and a more importantly a menace to your client then it is likely that it will be a bad consequence for your business.

Conclusion – When designing mobile sites or any form of site for that matter keep in mind to read these tips and also be innovative in your approach.

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