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Top 5 SEO Tools To Reach In Google Top 10

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is any website’s best friend. The main aim of SEO is to drive traffic to your website and make your website rank hire. It also helps in building brand and expanding your business and reaching to millions of people worldwide and improves revenues in the process. Google controls more than 75% of the searches on the World Wide Web and thus getting a decent rank in Google’s search engine result pages is a must. Here are the top 5 SEO tools that ensure just that:


Since its Google, it is best to start right from the source. They are the leader in searches and Google offers numerous tools to improve your rank and they are:

·         Google AdWords: It is important that the right keywords are used depending on search volume

·         Google Webmaster Tools: This allows you access to website data, detailed reports, and various other resources so that you can improve your website rank

·         Google Analytics: It lets you track if the keywords are driving traffic to your site

·         Google Trends: This lets you explore trend histories and what is trending currently in Google

Moz Pro

SEO means everything starting from your website to social media and everything else. However, it is always not possible to log in to multiple platforms to measure performance. This inbound marketing software track your social efforts, SEO, link, brand awareness and everything else using one single platform.


This is a content curation platform and if content is a part of your branding strategy then, this is a very useful tool. With this tool you can find keyword rich content that you can publish in your website, blog, social accounts etc.


WooRank lets you know the strength and weakness of your website for free. It offers an in-depth analysis of how your website is performing and allows you to monitor the same as well.


Social media has an important role in play in SEO and it is just not about websites. This is a social media marketing dashboard that keeps track of your social media traffic; help discover trending and relevant keywords etc. to attract traffic to your social media accounts and website.

Digital Pugs, a SEO company in India offers efficient SEO solution by making use of the right SEO tools. They offer great services at affordable rates and serve many foreign clients from different parts of the world.

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