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Top Six Updates Of Google Unwrap The Future Of SEO

Google has made some amazing changes that are sure to change the ways SEO professionals thought. SEO has been used since the inception of competition in Google, but the strategies followed were not bringing a justified traffic to most of the websites. The searches often did not have any specific strategy, also page ranks were hampered. There have been 6 major changes made by Google. They are stated as below:-  

Secured Search:

Google made all the organic searches secure. This change has been made since September 23rd. This basically means that the keywords data that were available to us will no longer be available. This can be bad for many reason as we would fail to understand what exactly brought traffic and sales to our website.
No more Page Rank Update:

Going by the records, Google used to update the Page Ranks every 3 months, but this has not been done since February. Google has also said that this would not be updated this year and many have started speculating that Page Rank will go away. Many people use the Google toolbar to measure their site’s performance.
Shutting off this data would mean that Google would use better means to measure the performances of the sites. Even Google does not use Google Toolbar themselves. So, this will be a better change indeed.


This change makes it easier for the people who log on to Google for continuous research. Suppose you type ‘where is MCB’. You will get the desired search results. After that you can type ‘which teams played there’, to get your answers. Such conversational searches can be really useful. This feature changes the way keywords use to work. With time, even if the keywords match accurately, it would not make much of a difference.


Though this was launched way back in 2011, Google+ gained momentum only recently. There are lot of things to be done in this social site.


This is also not new. Google use this to associate the writer and his/her work. This data can be used to measure the traffic effectively  by seeing which author’s work brings in genuine traffic by checking on the number of likes and comments in all the social sites. Google also gives a rank to such authors themselves.
In-Depth Articles:

This was introduced by Google in August. Reading these articles mean learning about the topic on which the article has been article. This can work greatly as a SEO strategy as such articles will definitely given better ranks.

These new features can bring about a lot of changes on the way SEO worked. These changes basically ask for more strategic behaviour on their part. Google wants people to be more focussed on their authority.

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