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Ensuring Your SEO Standards Are Up to Par

SEO standards have been defined by the major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo since the inception of SEO. This also includes certain terms of use that are stated by the search engines and are updated occasionally. Our SEO standards company, DigitalPugs, stand by these standards, as well as those our company has put in place.

Everything that is done in SEO is determined by these terms of conduct, which allows for everyone to follow the same rules and regulations. This keeps everyone from getting confused and keeps the game clean. This also helps the clients to not get penalized due to some violation and to get the best ranking in the search results as possible.

The DONTS we follow

Here are a few things that our company will never use as strategies:

  • Refusing to participate or tolerate any sort of SEO spam usage or any techniques that would be considered black hat tricks.
  • Ensuring that there is no violation of any trademark or copyrights of other companies.

There are many different spam techniques that some companies, who do not have high standards, employ called spam or black hat techniques. These consist of link building that is unethical, making copies of the websites, creating pages that are doorways, building bad links, and creating dynamic websites that are done by template.

SEO Standards Service

Avoid Copyright Violation For SEO Standards Service

Another huge violation of these standards is any copyright or trademark violation. One should respect that those belong to others and not us and work to guarantee to never violate their work. This is more for the safety of the companies and yours and ensures that there are no penalization for these violations.

There are other methods that are considered unethical and those include hiding links and text, stuffing your content with keywords. These are not just unethical, but in the long run these techniques also harm your ranking and can lead to penalties from Google and other search engines.

Another thing to worry about is content that is plagiarized. Avoid this at all costs, but it should not be an issue since before publishing any content one should ensure that there is no plagiarism to be found. However, if it is found it would be another violation and you can be penalized for this as well.

The standards are mostly there to ensure that there is no need to penalization and that everyone will have a fair and equal chance at the top rank.

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