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Small Business SEO Service In India

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Business SEO Expert Services India

Business SEO Expert Services India

Do you have a business? Want to market it effectively? If you have a presence or want to create one over the World Wide Web and if that consists of a set of extensive websites to manage your different brands then Business SEO Services is the perfect choice for you. Our expert Business SEO Service scheme is devised for multiple websites. In a laymen’s term the SEO Plan is a unique plan that we offer for business with an online presence to be available naturally on the first page and preferably on top of the list of a search result with the help of keyword detection capability. This plan benefits businesses with an online presence to attract traffic to their website and thus increase the chance of interaction between the particular business and its prospective clients thus having a direct effect on the revenue of the said business just like through advertisements.

Small Business SEO Service

Small Business SEO Service

DigitalPugs is a an expert search engine optimization company for small and large size online business that caters to all the requirements of business SEO services in India to suit extremely focused and high-end corporate online businesses. It is perfect for those who run multiple websites consisting of thousands of pages and thus requires business SEO services. Such websites can benefit from increased search engine rankings and medium to high level keyword placements from this plan. It is a successful plan as the accounts on our end are managed by a teamof SEO professionals with experience and profound knowledge to deliver your desired result. If you have a business website consisting of more pages, highly competitive keywords, that is more than 1 million, and more than 50 spectrums of targeted keywords then this service is preciselyfor you as we are a small business SEO company that can provide you with solutions with the help of our business SEO experts. However, you must note that the use of the name of a particular location that is country or city especially if the business targets a specific geographic locationis highly recommended to increase traffic.

Business SEO Service Perks –

The contract period of this Business SEO Service Plan can vary from 9-12 months at DigitalPugs and is covered by our SEO Guarantee. Our highly compatible SEO service plansthat can target up to 15 keywords include:

  • Website analysis based on Keyword Competition
  • Search Engine friendly website architecture makeover
  • Spiderability of search engine bots
  • META Tags and content optimization of the site
  • Online directories with manual submissions
  • Link exchange to result in promotion and popularity
  • Social Media marketing
  • Article Marketing
  • Distribution of Press Release
  • Monthly progress report based on major search engine rankings
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