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Best  Mobile SEO Services

Best Mobile SEO Services

DigitalPugs offers your mobile portal the best mobile SEO services India to make your website the go-to site for any and all clients. Our SEO experts will make your brand stand out from your competitors, and we will do it by using legitimate SEO practices.

Mobile SEO Company - Importance

Mobile SEO Company - Importance

Mobile Internet users are the future of any industry, and e-commerce portals have to use this cutting edge platform to reach out to potential and existing clients. Creating your own, mobile friendly website is now a must, as consumers now prefer to work or shop on the go, and find rooting themselves to a desktop to be tedious and counterproductive. So if you want a mobile website that stands out from the crowd, we can ensure that. We can give you mobile SEO services for an Indian market and Indian client base, and make your portal top page rankings on online searches.

Creating something for mobile presents unique challenges that many run-of-the-mill programmers cannot or do not know how to cope with. For example, smaller screen sizes mean websites need to be carefully tailored to get rendered by search engine spiders. Mobile specific portals need to follow accessibility guidelines defined by W3C. WAP technology also requires you to design your site layout in a way that will allow for both ease of use and a polished look and feel.

Mobile SEO Services - Benefits

Here is where our mobile SEO experts can make a difference. They can:

  • Edit site content/keywords/phrases to suit a mobile portal
  • Embed keywords in site content and H1/H2/title tags
  • Tweak internal links to use keyword heavy anchor text
  • Integrate JavaScript and external style sheets
  • Create new CSS files for on-screen rendering to further suit the mobile platform
  • Eschew pixel sizing in favour of percentages, thereby enabling cleaner scaling down of content
  • Ensure content is not dumped at the bottom of the page by re-arranging site layout, hiding items on CSS, and etc.
  • Ensure mobile search engines recognize your site

And some of the mobile SEO services India our SEO team can offer include:

  • Keyword research and website analysis
  • Mobile specific site development and design
  • Localised SEO and multilingual optimization for your website
  • Providing your portal with accessibility and usability

DigitalPugs is one of the best places you can turn to for all your mobile SEO site optimization needs to suit an Indian market. Our mobile SEO experts will always be on-call and ready to help you make your business successful and a brand name in your sector. Stay ahead of the game, and let us make your e-business get the mobile ready platform it needs.

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