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Wordpress Website SEO Services

Wordpress has its own SEO capability, but it is not always enough to get you to the top of the ranks. For this you need experts in this area and the best way to ensure the quality of the SEO is to contract a company that has numerous employees with this specialty on their payroll. There are many companies who take care of Wordpress SEO services in India including our company, DigitalPugs.

Wordpress SEO Company Services

There are many different services that our Wordpress SEO company handles including:

  • Adding a plugin that will allow you to edit the titles, meta keyword tags and meta description that are for your website, including all subsequent pages as well.
  • Optimization of your Wordpress template to ensure the best possible page is available.
  • Enable the website with any social bookmarks that are required including Facebook, Google+, Twitter and much more.

There is a lot of different plugins to configure for Wordpress including the ones that allow you to post each page with keywords and render them. Also, setting up the function of a tag cloud and the ability for you to select similar posts you think the reader wants to see is important. Also ensure that your site is optimized for the tagging of the pages and navigation.

Setting up permalinks and back links is required and should be undertaken by a Wordpress SEO expert. Besides that we will also enable the other plugins such as the one that allows automatic updates of Google's XML sitemap. The other ones that are enabled are the plugin for optimization of the images and for creating the easiest sitemap for the users.

Wordpress SEO services

Optimizing the Wordpress Site

The other parts of optimization that need to be handled are the optimization of the titles and the content. Along with developing the breadcrumbs and input the ping services that are needed. Also make sure all the archives that are no longer needed are shut down. Ensure that work on the code is complete and clean, which would include removing all the excess CSS and Javascript files that aren't required.

Wordpress SEO services also require work on the offsite optimization, which includes building links and inputting the required information into databases. This would also include things such as writing guest blog posts for other blogs that would allow you to get more links. Even a few comments on the more popular blogs you will get links back to your site, which are important.

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